5 Questions with Elke Scholiers 施瑷珂

Elke Scholiers is an art director, graphic designer and photographer originally from Brussels. She holds a B.F.A. and M.A. in graphic design from the LUCA School of Arts Brussels and a Postgraduate Teaching Certificate in Arts from the KASK Conservatorium Ghent. While at the university she would do side jobs to make enough money to travel to Asia and this is how she developed a genuine interest in photography. Continue reading 5 Questions with Elke Scholiers 施瑷珂

5 Questions with Brosmind

Two brothers working as illustrators and artists in Barcelona, that’s Brosmind. They combine commercial illustration with other personal projects in which they experiment with other disciplines, techniques and formats. Juan and Alejandro love to create vibrant and colourful illustrations, full of dynamic and optimistic characters. Continue reading 5 Questions with Brosmind

Hello Gent

Let’s Talk Design #17 is in Gent on April 19th. For those who haven’t been to one of the previous 16 editions. Let’s Talk Design is an evening where we let 4 creatives talk about their work. After the lectures, there is time to talk, network and drink a beer. All very informal, like we think it should be. Our events are a great place to get to know other creatives from all disciplines.

On our events, we always try to find a good mix of new and renowned talent.

Check out the lineup

5 Questions with Tekla Severin

Tekla Evelina Severin grew up in a middle-sized Swedish town a bit north of Stockholm. The kind of town where the only thing you wanted when you were a teenager was to get out of there. And so she moved to Stockholm when she was 20. She studied separate classes at Stockholm and Uppsala University like the history of thought, worked at cafés and even run her own café. After which she started to study interior architecture- and furniture design at Konstfack University of arts and crafts. Continue reading 5 Questions with Tekla Severin

Tips for starting freelancers

As a starting creative freelancer, you have a lot of questions. Here are a couple of learnings after working for more than 15 years as a freelance designer and talking to a lot of freelancers over the years running our portfolio platform Creative Network. I shared these learnings a couple of weeks back with the students of Devine, you can use them as a guide or a refresher if you will.  Continue reading Tips for starting freelancers

Liefmans talent search for a freelance photographer

Another service Creative Network Pro (our service for businesses and brands) offers is a talent search for creative freelancers within the scope of a project. In this example, Liefmans (the beer brand that is part of the Belgian company Duvel Moortgat) asked us to find a photographer for their social media campaigns. Read about the process and the result that came with it further in in this article. Continue reading Liefmans talent search for a freelance photographer

5 Questions with freelance digital creative Tom Vanhooreweder

I’m currently living and working as a freelance digital creative in Antwerp. I grew up in a city near Brussels. Nobody in my family is really doing anything creative… I’m the odd man out. 😉 So when I had the chance to pursue that creativity, I went ahead and did just that. Continue reading 5 Questions with freelance digital creative Tom Vanhooreweder